People often ask me how I entered the event industry — my answer is that it’s the culmination of a lifetime of artistic adventure.

I had the great fortune to have a mother who loved to garden and entertain. I grew up in a magical Victorian house surrounded by a lush garden, where my mother taught me the love of flowers and flower arranging.  At a very early age, I learned the formal settings of a table with fine-cut Austrian linen, elegant silverware, candelabras and freshly cut flowers.  I was, I must admit with some consternation, even schooled in the art of tray-passed hors d’oeuvres at the age of five.  I studied painting, piano and opera.  At six, while clinging to the balcony rail of the San Francisco Opera house enthralled by Maria Tallchief dancing to Tchaikovsky, I was launched into a lifetime passion for dance and the classics.  I had a fabulous career in dance from my youth, studying Royal Academy Ballet, to the professional stage as a modern dancer in New York City.  My years in theatre gave me the rich experience of the harmony of art forms melded into magic and the technical and creative training of choreography, costume design, music composition, lighting, sound, sets and props.

It was therefore a natural transition for me from that of a performing artist to a passionate floral artist, to environmental event designer, to full event design, planning and production.

Each time I select a napkin fold, create the landscape of a table, send a bride down the aisle, select a lighting mood and colors, hire entertainers, search out the perfect venue and design its environment, meticulously schedule the activities of an event — each and every one of these has its roots somewhere in the weaving of my life.

I am very proud of our accomplishments and to rank with the best in design and planning on the international stage.  I have assembled a team of designers and event professionals who are top in their fields.

We have a passion for what we do, and each event is designed and planned with its own distinct atmosphere and message to completely forward our clients’ dreams.

I welcome you to discover us for your next special event and become a part of the rich weavings of my life.

My very best,

Pat Frey