Often people have asked me to tell stories of some of the most challenging events I have created or worked on. There are those events that have had truly sizable challenges that I have had a great deal of fun meeting.

I can say that some of them I have had to take a deep breath and just said OK Let's go for it!  Let’s figure out how to do it. I think in life this is what one needs to do. Push the envelope; take the next gradient of challenge; not skip to something one can’t do but jump to the next, “why not push it up to this!”

Years ago I purchased a “Tiffany Parties Book”. At that time I was mainly doing weddings and smaller parties but I wanted more of a challenge so I looked at that book and said, "This is the scale of what I want to be doing!" And in a few years, with the help of some amazing  professional teams, I was doing it!

We had constructed a 2,400 square foot plexiglass dance floor over a pool;

decorated 50-foot-high ceilings in football-field-sized marquee in the south of England; built a stage set on a main city intersection in Hollywood;

engineered and rigged a 12 foot diameter red bow for a building opening in London; built an intricate 32 foot wide stage set with numerous surfaces for light and video projection;

and produced 100 custom ironwork candelabra, shipped them to Copenhagen and sent our floral staff to create the centerpieces.

WOW – this from my original start in my garage creating weddings for 50 people!  How fun is that!

So, I advise you to put your sights high – take the next gradient of the game and ENJOY.

Allen Harris