What is the definition of the word "Culture"?

Having done seminars on the subject of "Art" for hundreds of people on the world stage — Paris, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles — I have found it amazing and remarkable that every time I ask this question, there is a lag in thought or questioning contemplation of the answer.

And yet, we are all fully immersed in our various "cultures" morning to night day after day.

Here are some fantastic definitions I found through my own research and curiosity on this very question:

1922 - Funk and Wagnall's Dictionary:

  1. "To educate or refine; cultivate." (verb)
  2. "The training, improvement, and refinement of mind, morals, or taste." (noun)
  3. To "cultivate" is defined as:
  4. "To improve or develop by study, exercise, or training; refine; civilize."

1828 - Noah Webster's Dictionary:

"The application of labor or other means to improve good qualities in or growth, as "the culture of the mind"; "the culture of virtue."

The word "culture" derives from a Latin word that meant to "till" or "cut through the earth to plant seeds" and to "dwell" in an environment.

So our culture, the culture we live in, is not just something we have passed down to us to carry forward. Each one of us- no matter our walk of life- can grow, plant and till the societies we live in toward a better healthier, more beautiful and rich future. As artists at Pat Frey Designs we do this for a living and it is wonderful for that reason.


Here is an inspirational flash mob in Spain of some serious "planting and tilling!!" WATCH THE CHILDREN'S FACES!!! Their responses say it all!

Our future is OURS and YOURS to create! 


Pat Frey

Allen Harris