Kari LaBomme - Planner & Designer

I was welcomed to Pat Frey Designs as a Production Assistant in September 2014. In this role, I discovered the perfect application for my years of training and experience, both artistic and organizational. Pat recognized this and quickly moved me into designing and planning events for the company. This work has given me a true sense of “coming home” to a career that I have been searching for and absolutely love. 

My acquired skills as a theatre performer and producer, in LA and abroad, lend heavily to my ability to handle a variety of creative projects and the logistics and challenges they contain. I bring leadership, expert coordination and lots of fun to
any event!

Creating Weddings is my particular joy and my primary work at PFD. Fashioning a perfect day infused with the details of a couple's unique story and making their vision come to life, while running a smooth affair that is enjoyed by all is my ultimate goal.  Life is full of all kinds of memorable events and the celebrations that come with them and I think they should all be treated with whimsy, liveliness, and a touch of magic.