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Pat Frey - Owner, Creative Director, Planning & Design


Having designed and produced events internationally for over 27 years, people often ask me how I entered the event industry. My answer is that it’s the culmination of a lifetime of artistic adventures.

I grew up in a Victorian house surrounded by a magical lush garden, and was blessed with the great fortune of having a mother who loved to entertain. At a very early age, I learned the formal settings of a table with fine cut Austrian linen, elegant silverware, candelabra and always freshly-cut flowers arranged in a fabulous bowl. I was, I must admit with some consternation, even schooled in the art of tray-passed hors d’oeuvres by the age of five.

At six, while clinging to the balcony rail of the San Francisco Opera house enthralled by Maria Tallchief dancing to Tchaikovsky, I was launched into a lifetime passion for dance and the classics. I studied painting, piano and opera. I had a fabulous career in dance from my youth, all the way to the professional stage in New York City. My years in theatre and the arts gave me a truly rich experience in the harmony of art forms melded into magic.

It was a natural transition from that of a performing artist to a passionate floral artist, and from there to environmental event designer, and thus to full event design, planning and production.

Each time I select a napkin fold, create the landscape of a table, send a bride down the aisle, select a lighting mood and colors, hire entertainers, search out the perfect venue and design its environment or meticulously schedule the activities of an event — each and every one of these has its roots somewhere in the weavings of my life.

I welcome you to discover us for your next special event and become a part of these rich weavings.

My very best,

Pat Frey